Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Starting the Semester Off Right!

So this week I decided it best to take the content of this blog to my floor mates! I spoke to the girls on my floor and asked for their best suggestions on how to start the semester off right. Whether they be tips about eating, sleep, exercise or class, my floor mates provided some great suggestions to help you make the most of your first few weeks back on campus!

1. Get organized. Jessica suggested putting all your class assignments in one place (shifts at work and club events are other good things to write down). The IU Student Foundation prints free student planners that are available in most Residence Hall Center Lobbies. These planners have tons of space for you to write all your assignments.

Jessica writing assignments in her notebook.

2. Get a good night's sleep. Don't start the semester off poorly by getting 3 hours of sleep per night because you're playing Guitar Hero until 3 AM. Trust me, you'll pay for it later and it won't improve how many songs you've unlocked on Guitar Hero (there's cheat codes available online for that).

3. Take advantage of on campus activities. Shailey suggested taking a look at all the on campus events and finding out what events are coming to IU. "You are only in college once and we're in a big enough town that we get lots of really cool stuff coming here, so you might as well go there," says Shailey. You can go to http://events.iu.edu/iub.html to check out what events are coming to IU.

Shailey's wall of tickets and posters from events she has attended on campus.

4. Utilize the on campus resources. Every semester, students pay dozen of small fees automatically for on campus resources. Almost $200 in technology fees get us access to tech help and computer/printing stations located around campus, a $50 transportation fee gives us access to free bus transportation and an over $80 activity fee gives us access to the SRSC, writing tutorial services and more! Search the IUB website for more information about specific resources.

Good luck starting the semester off right!

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