Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crean and Crimson!

It's basketball season! Finally! IU has now finished their pre-season games of the year, first battling off against Grace College, and then last night against St. Joesph's College. In both games, a new and renovated IU basketball team completely dominated their opponent.
Now that they are one year older, and having season tickets, I'm excited to see how this team is able to compete when the regular season starts on Friday.

Assembly Hall has a fantastic atmosphere and IU basketball games have a great sense of tradition. This tradition engulfs you from the time you walk in the doors at the south entrance and see the Athletics Hall of Face, to when you walk up the ramps to the student section seating and see large pictures of historic IU basketball moments on the wall, to when you finally get to your seats and see a wall of banners with Big 10, Final Four and NCAA tournament appearances and victories. Get up to Assembly Hall and get your tickets to cheer on the Hoosiers and be a part of this IU tradition!

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