Monday, January 24, 2011

When the Flu Bug Gets You Down, Go to the Health Center New Hours!

It's that time of year. Classes have started, the homework has begun to pile up, the nights grow longer, the word "sleep" is merely something of the winter-break past and campus is flooded with that nasty "Back-to-School" flu bug.

Those dreaded IU Health Center bags. Thank goodness the pharmacy is conveniently located
and reasonably priced to easily get me the medicine I need to start feeling better.

I had been back to B-town a total of five days before the fever kicked in and my cough began. Eight days and one MLK break of rest later, I was still feeling drowsy and couldn't seem to kick this pain of a cold. As I ventured to Facebook to fill my Saturday morning while contemplating whether or not to go back to sleep, I came across a post from a friend with the greatest news I'd heard in days: The IU Health Center is now open on Saturdays!

The wonderful IU Health Center--now open later and on Saturdays!

So with my Kleenex and cough drops in hand, I headed over to the walk-in Saturday clinic. While I suggest just taking your daily multi-vitamins, drinking lots of water and eating plenty of oranges, should you find yourself under the weather amid this dreary winter weather, check out the extended hours for the IU Health Center here.

There are two CVS stores located right off campus and along
bus routes--these guys have been my saving grace!

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