Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dean Goodman in Bathing Suit?

Last Friday was the annual Cardboard Boat Regatta sponsored by The Council for Advancing Student Leadership. Organizations, living communities, and community organizations built boats made of cardboard and duck tape to race. Themed boats, realistic-looking boats, and box-shaped boats all showed up to race the length of the Indiana University Outdoor Pool on the North end of campus.

So Friday I made the trek to the Outdoor Pool with my friend Alison who the Historian for the Residence Hall Association, another group that had a team participating in the event. As a member of the Indiana Memorial Union (the student union building)'s student Union Board, I went to cheer on members of Union Board.

The Indiana Memorial Union Union Board cardboard boat
tips over in the Cardboard Boat Regatta.

I wish Union Board had experienced the same success the Residence Halls Association had. The Union Board was one of the few organizations, along with Collins Living Learning Center (LLC), who had a boat to not make it a quarter of the way down the pool.

Collins Living Learning Center students climb into their cardboard boat, ready to compete.

The race of the Dean's, where three deans from various IU schools race against one another in boats prepared for by students, made for a nice start to the festivities. Only one of the three was able to make it to the finish, and Dean Robert Goodman of HPER made it to the end of the pool without getting a drop of water on him!

The Dean's of various IU schools strike a pose before the start of their race.

All and all, the Indiana University Outdoor Adventures Club (IUOA) had a sweeping victory. Their incredibly realistic cardboard kayak went the length of the pool in just over twenty seconds, leaving everyone else in the dust. The competition was incredibly close and the Residence Hall Association's brightly ducktaped box boat managed to win second place. It was a great way to start the weekend!

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