Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Outside While the Weather Lasts!

Two weeks ago, I wondered if Bloomington went straight from summer to winter. However, I believe these last ten days have provided the most gorgeous weather Bloomington has seen all year.

Yellow trees light the path along an IUB side walk.

I understand that many of us are confined to our desks or the library to study, write papers and finish projects as mid-term season is finally starting to wrap up, but treat yourself to a half hour study break one day this week and walk around. For that half hour walk around campus, I suggest you resort back to a state similar to that of a high school student touring IU; I think you'll appreciate it more.

A colorful Kirkwood Ave. off of campus.

My journalism professor always talks about "seeing" instead of "looking" and "listening" instead of "hearing", and when I walked around campus this weekend taking pictures of the season that has consumed IUB, I think I finally understood what he meant. If you do the same, imagining that you're walking through IU for the first time and you honestly see everything that is around you, I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The courthouse in downtown Bloomington is framed nicely by its surrounding fall leaves.

Lay under one of the trees where you can see through the brightly lit yellow leaves. Walk down Kirkwood Ave., around the courthouse and downtown shops. Take a drive down Third Street and Indiana Blvd. where almost every "warm" color is represented in foliage or 30 minutes East on S.R. 45 to Brown County State Park.

The sample gates are a picturesque photo opportunity this time of year.

Treat yourself this week and enjoy the season that makes IUB one of the prettiest campuses in the country. Enjoy the last of fall before we're all bundled up!

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