Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Residence Hall Bathrooms

One thing my younger sister and little cousins seemed very concerned with when they have come to visit me at school, is what my bathroom looks like. For girls who spend lots of time in the morning prepping to look just perfect for class, the bathroom facilities are an important decision in what residence hall to request come time to leave for college.

Living in Read, we are the only residence hall on campus to house small half-bathrooms between every two rooms. These half-baths include a toilet, sink, shelves and a mirror. As minute a detail as having a half-bath connected to your room seems, you would be amazed at how nice it is to not have to walk down the hall to the main floor bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth before bedtime, or to get a glass of water in the middle of the night.

All residence halls have floor bathrooms that feature multiple shower stalls, toilet stalls, sinks and full-length mirrors. These bathrooms are cleaned every week by really fantastic environmental officers and provide lots of space for groups of girls wanting to get ready together or to easily get ready for class in the morning.

Regardless of what building you end up living in, you have no need to worry about restrooms and having space to get ready in the morning. Just don't forget the shower flip-flops!

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