Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome to the Hoosier Nation, Class of 2014!

Welcome to IU, Class of 2014!

Indiana University's 'Welcome Week' provides five days of events for incoming freshmen to get acquainted with campus, meet new people and be introduced to all things IU.

I've always been fond of school spirit: wearing school colors, shouting school cheers, attending school events. 'Traditions and Spirit of IU' is Welcome Week's event for people like me who want to be a part of the tradition and bleed cream and crimson.

Students are introduced to IU Athletics and taught cheers for sporting events. As an out-of-state student who only heard about IU for its sports when I was growing up, learning the cheers and being a member of the Hoosier Nation was an IU tradition I couldn't wait to experience.

So Class of 2014, you've survived thirteen years of grade school education, graduated from high school, and been accepted to an outstanding university. You're all moved in and unpacked, met new and exciting people, and said goodbye to Mom and Dad. Now cheer at games, join clubs, attend events, study diligently, and explore Bloomington.

Welcome to the Hoosier Nation.

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Cait said...

Sweet shot of Crean! Love his hair in this one too!