Monday, October 4, 2010

My New Obsession

My two favorite things about living in the on-campus Willkie apartments are the close proximity to the heart of campus, as I've mentioned before, and my kitchen. I absolutely love having a kitchen.

Let's be clear, I've never been one to bake, cook, or grill, so I'm not really sure where my new-found love for has come from. Maybe it's the fear of the Pizza X delivery guy knowing my name and the Freshman Fifteen finally catching up with me? Or maybe it's that I've never had a kitchen of my own to try cooking where no one has to know if I fail or succeed. Whatever the reason, I've discovered that I genuinely enjoy cooking and I'm actually pretty good at it.

So Saturdays have become my baking days: a two hour break from homework, work and any kind of stress to just be in my kitchen and cooking something delicious. This past Saturday, with three bananas sitting on our counter-top starting to get mushy, one of my roommates, Jes, and I decided to make her mom's banana nut bread.

After some mashing of bananas, mixing of ingredients and more than an hour of baking, our bread was finished and it was absolutely delicious. My only suggestion, make sure you move the top rack high enough that your bread won't rise and cook around it.

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