Monday, October 11, 2010

'Tis the Seasons

My roommates love to celebrate holidays.

“They don’t just wish everyone "Merry..." or "Happy..." the day of. They don’t simply create a costume for Halloween or get deli meat turkey for Thanksgiving. Oh, no. My roommates love to go ALL OUT.

With Halloween only 20 days away, two of my roommates, Jes and Neely, had gone home for the weekend and both brought back things to decorate for the first holiday of the extended holiday season that runs from October through January 1.

My mom would always decorate our house for every holiday growing up, so having two roommates who love to put up kiddo window clings, use festive pot holders and make seasonal desserts, makes it feel a little more like home.

Places like Walmart and the Dollar store sell lots of inexpensive seasonal things, and picking up two or three can convert a dorm room from drab to festive in five minutes or less! Not only will it make your place feel a little more like home, but it gives you and your roommates something fun to laugh about, like why on Earth do they make ghost-shaped pot holders or battery-light-up jack-o-lanterns?

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