Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring on Canvas

We've had the most incredible weather at IUB these last few weeks. I've made my walks to class longer and more indirect, eat my lunch outside El Bistro in its seating area, and have taken some time to just wander around campus.

Last Wednesday, I decided that following my last class of the day, I would take my camera and explore my favorite part of campus: the Old Crescent. When I arrived near the Sample Gates, I discovered an artist working on a painting of the Sample Gates. The canvas was fairly large, and the artist, Lyle Denney, was gracious enough to let me take pictures.

He said he likes to paint campus, especially during the spring, and the iconic buildings of the Old Crescent like the Student Building and the Sample Gates make excellent subjects. Sketching the painting on a grid the day before, Denney had just started painting when I came across him hidden under a tree near the Gates and said it would take him several days to finish this particular piece.

The tulips are blooming next to the Sample Gates, so go to the Old Crescent and have someone take a cheesy tourist picture of you and our gorgeous campus while it lasts! And while you're there, be sure to stop and look at how Denney's painting is coming along.


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