Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Traditions. Spirit. Little 500.

I know I talk about IU tradition a lot, but I honestly think that the commitment to, the intensity of and the duration of IU traditions are what makes Indiana University different from other similar universities. Little 500 is one of those incredible traditions, and after having made friends with some of the riders this year, I realized that there is so much more to this event than a three hours of watching guys ride 200 laps around a track, and I think it's all super exciting!

Organized by the IU Student Foundation, riders from 32 teams will compete in the 60th running of the Men's Little 500 and 23rd running of the Women's Little 500 the weekend of April 23rd. For riders, training begins early in the fall with the Fall Cycling Series, a series of competitions that test speed and endurance. In the spring is when things kick up as "L5" nears closer. The Spring Cycling Series provides another opportunity to learn who are the leaders for Little 500, and for teams to become focused for the big race.

This weekend is the final event of the Spring Cycling Series before next weekend's Little 500. Team Pursuit starts at 3:30 pm in Armstrong Stadium, and teams will compete in heats to determine which team can collectively ride 15 laps the fastest. Be sure to check it out and get pumped for L5!

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